Plan C – Exordium From SubTel Forum #100

Plan C - Exordium From SubTel Forum #100 By Wayne Nielsen May 21, 2018 Welcome to the 100th Issue of Submarine Telecoms Forum Magazine, our Global Capacity issue. Anyone who has been reading SubTel Forum over the years may have noticed how we have updated the look every once in a while.  Some changes are [...]

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Crossroads Jobs

I was recently invited to sit on a Board for a local non-profit, which specializes in economic empowerment. Truth be told, my next-door neighbor, the one on the other side of our bamboo, has been hounding me for a while.  Carol created “Crossroads Jobs” about five years ago in the middle of the worst of [...]

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March Madness

March Madness came early this year. For our foreign friends, March Madness is not a surreal passion play filled with political intrigue.  Instead, it is the time of the annual NCAA college basketball tournament, generally throughout the month of March – and this year for us it came a little early. As you may have [...]

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The Offshore Whirl-Wind

If it’s September, then what has been a whirl-wind implementation season should be coming to an end.  But by all accounts, the industry is still going full bore, and projects that would normally be slowing down for the end of year, are still going strong. I have had the chance to talk recently with a [...]

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Playing Tourist

My wife and I played tourist in London lately. It’s not that we hadn’t spent much time in the city before.  In fact, we’d spent lots of time over the years from living and working in the south for BT in the 90s, to watching our daughter graduate from the London School of Economics; but [...]

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